I want to use my high impedance headphones with the M2x or M2, will it drive them?

The M2x and the M2 are rated for headphones rated from 32 ohms and below.  High impedance studio headphones should be connected to a dedicated headphone amp through an audio interface that can serve the unit with its own output.

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    Chris williams

    I have an Apollo twin, and beyerdynamic dt770 80ohms..I understand that I cannot plug these directly into the m2x headphone out. However just to clarify, I should be fine using a splitter on my apollo headphone out in which my headphones are connected to one side, and a line cable/aux (1/4 jack adapter) running from the other side of the splitter to the input of the m2x? Is this correct and highest quality way of using this? (No plans on getting an additional headphone amp)