Chair issues for the SUBPAC S2

My chair has a low back and the strap is floppy, what should I do?

The chair strap has a velcro attachment deeper inside the pocket to accommodate low backed chairs.   

Is there a way to secure the SubPac to a chair so no one runs off with it?

Yes, you can use the Kensington lock located on the control box with any laptop security cable (sold separately)

My chair has a high back and the chair strap gets in the way of the headrest, what should I do?

Use the loops around the outside of the unit to attach it to the chair with alternate straps.  Zip ties, black shoelaces, or nylon are all good options.  


What is the best chair for the SUBPAC?

The chair makes a big difference so choose wisely by experimenting with different makes and models.  Comfort is a big factor along with enough padding to reduce stray vibrations but not too much that will absorb energy. Overstuffed chairs will absorb energy and metal folding chairs can rattle so choose somewhere in between. 

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