Known Bluetooth devices that have problems

Does not connect with S2 - Reported by customer

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    elias walker

    can't get my sub pac m2 to connect to my ps4, any help?

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    The PS4 uses an older Bluetooth codec that supports their controllers. You can use Sony Bluetooth headphones, but the SubPac uses Bluetooth 4.0 input with A2DP streaming so it can't connect directly. The PS4 controller does have a headphone out that will connect to the line in of the SubPac box.

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    Jake Dambergs

    Neither my iPad Air nor my iPhone 7 will stay connected via Bluetooth to my M2 or my S2. I can get an initial connection if I put the devices immediately beside the subpac control box, but as soon as I move the device even to arm's length from the module, they disconnect. I suspect there is a problem with the Bluetooth radio in the subpac. Please advise how I can remedy this. Thanks

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    Aaron Porter

    I can't get my subpac to emit bass. I thought it was a chord problem and previously emailed you guys about it. But, I just connected the bluetooth to my phone and can get level out of headphones through themail subpac but it doesn't actually vibrate or emit the bass frequencies through the subpac. I don't know what is going on this just happened out of nowhere. Yesterday it was working, today is not. Please help :/