Understanding the intensity knob

The intensity curve of the SUBPAC is linear in response from 0 - 70% for maximum accuracy when writing and mixing making it an extremely accurate and effective tool for high end professionals.

From 70% to 100% we have applied a logarithmic curve which rapidly increases the intensity in a non linear fashion allowing for an enhanced bass response for those looking for a less accurate but more bass heavy listening experience.

The 0-70% range and the 70%-100% ranges are both useful for professional use and casual music listening as they provide 2 different ways of feeling the music you love. Use them as both different modes of appreciating your music, but also as an A/B tool when used with reference material you know well.

And of course please feel free to send us feedback to let us know your thoughts - after all the SUBPAC has been designed and created for you. Enjoy!

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    Senio Idfwu

    I just opened my brand new m2x, I love it so far! I just connected my iPhone via bluetooth with the intensity knob all the way down. I turned the volume all the way up on my iPhone, and the battery light is flashing red (I assume this is for clip monitoring). I cannot use my m2x with the device volume at 100 without clipping. With the intensity knob at 0, my safe device volume is 75%. At this point I turned my subpac intensity knob to 40% and began experiencing minimal clip. Now I am feeling a good/great vibration, but my volume is super low and unpleasant. Is this intensity:volume ratio accurate? I am just itching for more headphone volume.