Can I use a SUBPAC with a pacemaker or other internal devices?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend usage of a SUBPAC by any persons with a pacemaker or other internal implanted bodily devices whatsoever. While not a speaker per se, the SUBPAC still functions with the use of magnetic transduction, which is a definite no-no when it comes to pacemakers and all other internal implanted bodily devices. The purpose of the SUBPAC is to induce bass via tactile vibration by placing the SUBPAC directly against the body. This is pretty much exactly what a doctor would recommend not using with a pacemaker or other internally implanted medical device.

We do not recommend, and indeed we strongly discourage, the use of our product or any similar products for people in such situations.

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    Mark Zed

    Are there any negative side effects experienced from exposing oneself to subsonic frequencies over long periods of time on a regular basis?