How do most people use the SUBPAC S2 in a bedroom production setting?

The SUBPAC is ideal for all music production and engineering needs, whether in a million dollar recording studio or in your bedroom.  

However, the SUBPAC is especially useful in the "bedroom" producer setting.  With a SUBPAC, your body becomes the medium for sound.  This allows you to do away with worries about the shape of the room, standing waves, spending money on sound treatment, bass traps, and most importantly on worrying about the loudness factor of owning a subwoofer when it comes to your neighbours / roommate / parents / partners / or anyone else within earshot of your deep thumping bass lines.

In a bedroom production setting the SUPAC is hooked up to the headphone outputs of your audio interface.  Slowly adjust the intensity knob until the tactile response fills in the low end not heard in your headphones.  You will find a little intensity goes a long way.  This is the most flexible setup because it is useful in all stages of production and produces the quietest results for people you are living with.

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