Can the SUBPAC S2 be used in my home theatre surround sound set-up?

You sure can.  The SUBPAC makes a great addition to the experience of watching a movie!

The S2 can be used in your home theater setup.  It can receive a line in signal from the discrete LFE channel or use a LT RT down mixed stereo signal and pass the low end to your body.  If your surround system has a set of 6 line outs connect the one labeled sub or LFE to the appropriate adapter to feed the S2.  Do not connect the S2 to  a speaker output from the amp.  This will be too much voltage and may damage the unit.  If your receiver does not have discrete connections look for a stereo line out or headphone out.  These usually will contain a LT RT mix down of the surround sound along with plenty of bass to feel.


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    chris gagliano

    Is it possible to have multiple subpacs on one source in a home theatre setup? My thought as far as wiring would be just having an rca to 2.5mm jack on the sub out of the receiver. From there get a 2.55mm y splitter and just have them daisychained for as many subpacs as you want.

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    chris gagliano

    Also would it be possible to have it wireless receive via bluetooth if you have a receiver with the ability to send a bluetooth single out. possibly to multiple subpacs?